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RevPi Gates

Integrate Revolution Pi into an industrial network
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Product Name
RevPi Gate Sercos III Slave
€245.00 €291.55
RevPi Gate Modbus RTU Slave
€165.00 €196.35
RevPi Gate DMX
€165.00 €196.35
€233.00 €277.27
RevPi Gate EtherCAT Slave
€161.00 €191.59
RevPi Gate CANopen Slave
€149.00 €177.31
RevPi Gate Modbus TCP Slave
€166.00 €197.54
RevPi Gate Ethernet/IP Slave
€166.00 €197.54
RevPi Gate POWERLINK Slave
€245.00 €291.55
RevPi Gate Serial Slave **
€165.00 €196.35
RevPi Gate PROFIBUS Slave
€201.00 €239.19
RevPi Gate DeviceNet Slave
€148.00 €176.12
PiBridge Plug *
€5.00 €5.95
USB-PiBridge Plug **
€37.00 €44.03

By using the RevPi Gates your Revolution Pi system can be connected to different industrial networks. The gateways are connected to the respective base modules via the PiBridge. For each PiBridge one gateway can be connected, i.e. a maximum of two different gateways can be connected to the RevPi Core series, and a maximum of one gateway can be connected to the RevPi Connect series. Please note that the RevPi Connect SE and RevPi Core SE do not support gateways.


Find out further information about the gateways



Important notice: 


- Please note, that all gateway modules are slave versions. If you are not familiar with industrial network protocols and their characteristics, we strongly recommend to get in contact with us, to clearify wether those gateways fit your needs.


- CANopen gateway module is solely compatible with the fieldbus protocol CANopen. Please don't mistake CANopen protocol with CAN-Bus!


- EtherNet/IP gateway module is solely compatible with the ethernet based fieldbus protocol EtherNet/IP. Please don't mistake EtherNet/IP protocol with TCP/IP protocol!


- 24V power supply is mandatory. Gateways don`t work with 12V!


- Gateways are not suitable for RevPi Connect SE and RevPi Core SE series!


* You need one PiBridge plug for each gateway. For example: If you order 2 gateways, please order 2 PiBridge plugs.

** To load own scripts onto the RevPi Gate Serial, this USB-PiBridge Plug (Item-No.: 100101) is mandatory.