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logi.RTS multi-task license

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Due to the global chip shortage, this product is unfortunately not available at the moment. If you would like to purchase larger quantities, please contact our sales team directly at for information on delivery times and ordering options.

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The PLC runtime system of logi.cals "logi.RTS" maps IEC 61131-3 compliant runtime behavior to RevPi base modules.


  • Multi-Tasking / Multi-Programming
  • Multiple communication connections (e.g. serial, TCP/IP)
  • full integration in logi.CAD and logi.CAD 3
  • text-based remote maintenance (telnet) is possible
  • recording / logging of real-time date possible
  • Trace-Services
  • support for online-test, download, reload, instant-reload and oscilloscope
  • user-authentication



This license is only valid for use in a RevPi base module and cannot be transferred to devices of other manufacturers. This license is a device-bound license and cannot be transferred, which means that after creating the license key the license cannot be transferred to another Revolution Pi device.


Order handling

In case you order this license together with a RevPi base module you will automaticaly receive an email with the license key within a few days. In case you order this license separately, please send us an email with the external serial no. of your RevPi device. We will then send you the license key.


More Information
Item no. 100244
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