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Delay in in-/outputs via Node-Red

Posted: 30 Apr 2021, 17:15
by Pierre321
Hi all,

i did this week a flashing of the buster image to a Revpi Core 4GB and a RevPi Core 3+ 8GB Edition and imported my Nodes from previous system (Jessie). Since the update there seems to be a delay of about 5s between the action in Nodered and a "physical" action via the output moduls. For example if a want to set an output to 1 via a button on a dashboard or switch the A1 led for debug purposes on and off it is delayed by min. 5 seconds. if i do it directly with "pitest" it works immediately. During programming in Node-Red i get also sometimes a red bubble under my nodes meaning that the Pins are not connected.
Did anybody else has similar issues with the new image or possible a solution how to fix this?

Best regards Pierre

Re: Delay in in-/outputs via Node-Red

Posted: 03 May 2021, 08:55
by dirk
Hi Pierre321, please have a look at the release notes Buster 04 2021 at "Node.JS, npm and Node-RED not from Debian Repository".
There have been changes to NodeJS and Node-RED. This means that some steps have to be done manually when using Node-Red from previous installations.

Re: Delay in in-/outputs via Node-Red

Posted: 03 May 2021, 16:27
by Pierre321
Hi Dirk,

thanks for your answer. Maybe i missunderstood the release notes, but they were speaking from an upgrade from stretch to buster? I exported my flows from the older configuration and did a complete flash of the RevPi with the buster image and afterwards an import of the flow and the installation of the needed addtional nodes via the Node-red palet manager. Unfortunately i have today no access to the RevPi, but i would try on wednesday with a clean installation of the buster image and no imported notes to reduce possible influences.

Could fix the issues, it seems the code was the issues, i had too many flows in my node-red dashboard. I am thinking about splitting the dashboard function to another pi 4 to decrease the load and only connect to the revpi node server. Is there a timeline for the new RevPi Core4 module?

Best Regards Pierre

Re: Delay in in-/outputs via Node-Red

Posted: 30 Jun 2021, 09:19
by dirk
Hi Pierre321, thanks for your positive feedback and bug report. Such feedback is really important and helps us and all others from the RevPi community.
The CM4 will come this year. You can join us on the way see here: ... rect=en_US