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RevPiPyload - MIO - Not receiving any updates for DI

18 Oct 2022, 08:59


I've set up RevPiPyload to forward my signals on event and every 15s.
This works fine for all the AnalogInputs, but for some reason this doesn't work for the digital inputs.

The configuration is done in Pictory and the required signals are marked with "export".
The PLC is the RevPi Core S 8GB, IO modules are 2 MIO.
For the MIO modules, the DI/DO are configured as DI.

Any ideas?
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Re: RevPiPyload - MIO - Not receiving any updates for DI

20 Oct 2022, 19:25

Hi benaodisee!

I will check that in the next week and give you a feedback!

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