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Re: Unable to Connect to remote AIO module with node red

20 Apr 2021, 12:04

Hi Dears, here I am again.
There is the same issue again.
my previous procedure doesn't work any more after the last update.

Connecting to WS Server wss://localhost:8000
ERROR Connection to server error: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established
Lost connection to WS Server!


The new server release 1.0.3 requires some new dependencies.

proceed to install

then after having downloaded new release from github ( ... r/releases)
install it with

sudo dpkg -i noderedrevpinodes-server_1.0.3_all.deb

Now it works again.
Thanks for posting the solution Marco!

To summary;
sudo apt install ./noderedrevpinodes-server_1.0.2_all.deb  
Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install python3-bcrypt  
sudo apt-get install python3-websockets
I have to re-install node-red and it work for me with 1.0.2 ;-)
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Re: Unable to Connect to remote AIO module with node red

10 Aug 2021, 11:22

remote connections are currently disabled in noderedrevpinodes, because https/wss support is not added yet and no user authentification is in place.
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Re: Unable to Connect to remote AIO module with node red

21 Aug 2022, 11:37

I do not know how to install the missing server. I try to follow this but still couldnt. My issue they revpi says unsupported server. I try to follow the link . Please help me, thank you. I need to settle this today or my boss will be mad. :shock:
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Re: Unable to Connect to remote AIO module with node red

08 Sep 2022, 10:46

Hello jamalafiq,

it looks like you don't have the latest version of the server installed. The nodes in version 1.0.9 require the server in version 1.0.4.
If you are not sure which version is installed, you can use this to check:
apt-cache policy noderedrevpinodes-server

The easiest way to install a new version is to do an update on the RevPi before installing the server:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install noderedrevpinodes-server 

Or you can do a manual installation of the Debian package from github:
sudo apt install ./noderedrevpinodes-server_1.0.4_all.deb

Dennis from Erminas

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