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Important update to Pictory version 2.0.6 (bug fix)

19 Apr 2022, 17:30

Dear community

We have just released a Pictory update to version 2.0.6.

This version contains besides support for SE devices an important fix which eliminates a bug in the automatic plausibility checks of the RAP files.

Affected by this bug are Pictory configurations which contain MIO, DI or DO modules (AIO and DIO are not affected) and were created with Pictory version 2.0.5.

Examples of this bug can be found here:

Affected customers need to do the following:
  • Update package sources: sudo apt-get update
  • Apply updates: sudo apt-get upgrade or sudo apt-get upgrade pictory (selectively upgrade of Pictory only)
  • Rebuild configuration in Pictory or at least drag and drop MIO, DI and DO modules from the device tree into the configuration (best to drag and drop on the existing modules).
  • Save configuration and reload
We apologize for any inconvience.

Best regards


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